September 11

Term 3 Week 9

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! This week I’ll be talking about our expo on Monday.The whole school did an expo but today I’ll be talking about the year 5/6 expo about energy. My group researched on solar,the people who were in my group was Lily,Siobhan,Lyta, Ashleigh and I. I’ll tell you some information about solar.


Solar power is one of the safest and most cleanest energy sources.Solar is a renewable energy source that means it will never run out for along time.


Photons is something that is shooting from the sun 24/7.The are transferred into solar panels.When the photons go into the solar panels they slowly change into electricity then it power all the buildings. Now I’ll be showing some photos.

This is a solar panel

This is a solar panel

Thanks for reading this weeks blog!

September 10

Term 3 Week 9

Hi Guys, welcome back to my blog this week I’ve had a school Expo ,the preps to year 2 did miny beast the 3/4’s did the human body and the year5/6 did energy.

It is the only one we had his year it was a fantastic expo.

This weeks maths was about the definitions of mean,median and mode. that’s All we have done this week thanks for reading this!

August 14

Term 3 Week 5

Hello everyone this week has been Jam Packed! We learned strategies and Decimal.

On Monday we had the Hawthorn players Jed Anderson and Grant Birchall come to our school to talk about their diet then after that they told us to go outside to play games. Jed Anderson has the number 37 and Grant Birchall is the number 14.

This is the Hawthorn Logo

This is the Hawthorn Logo


For Maths we did Decimals. We mostly played decimal games, It Was Very Fun! Thanks for reading this weeks post! ūüôā

August 7

Term 3 Week 4

Hi everyone this week I’ve have been revising about decimals, putting them on a place value chart and reading them. Decimal point separates the whole from the fraction. Decimal represent fraction of base 10 e.g. 0.4=4/10 ¬†5/100=0.05.


On Monday the leader of the Hawks and schools program talked about what their dietary was and our home work from them was to fill in what we ate, physical activities (at least an 1 hour), glasses of water and how many hours you’ve slept. You have to eat 5 veggies and 2 fruits a day. Thanks for reading what I wrote this week!


July 31

Term 3 Week 3

This week we had Italian Day. I dressed up as a Roman Gladiator. We got to order pizza and I ordered 2 slices of BBQ Chicken.My group was the Slaves before we had pizza we ordered Ice cream or Gelati, I chose Icecream. Thanks for reading what I wrote!

July 17

Term 3-Week 1

This week we’ve been learning¬†fractions of collections my understanding of it is how to solve fractions of collections by dividing the amount of the collection by the denominator e.g 1/8 of 24= ¬† ¬† ¬† 24 divided by 8 =3 answer is 3 and I learnt an¬†Optical Illusion by using a ruler,pencil,white paper,colouring in pencils or textas.¬†You grab a piece of paper, then you use a ruler and put it across the page and put dots and do it to the other side of the page for each centimeter. After you done that, you trace around your hand. After that you will have to join one dot to another dot. When you get to the hand, you draw the dot until you get to the hands, then you leave it until you come to the other side of the hand and continue the line. After you done that, you draw a curved line¬†to one line to another. Then you can colour. Why don‚Äôt you try this!

This is an optical illusion of a hand

This is an optical illusion of a hand

May 25

Sovereign Hill

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. Today I’ll be talking about Sovereign Hill,

Sovereign Hill is a very educational centre that has lots of old buildings made out of wood.

I like Sovereign Hill because you could go shopping, learn things and pan for gold.

Here is a picture of their  Blood on the southern cross

Here is a picture of their Blood on the southern cross

May 21

Animal Cruelty

Hello everyone,

today I’ll be talking about Animal cruelty about dogs. Dogs I see overseas are strays,

skin and bone, timid, anxious and some with injuries. I don’t know why it’s happening but we

shouldn’t¬†be putting animals on the street to suffer! Lots of dogs have a great personality just why are we doing all these things to a very nice animals?

Thanks for reading this week’s task!

April 24


Hello everyone,

Today I’ll be talking about the Board game Monopoly.

Monopoly originated from United States of America (U.S.A) in 1903 as a way

to demonstrate the evils of land ownership.The designers are Elizabeth Magie and

Charles Darrow.The illustrator is Matt pocock.The publishers are Hasbro,

Parker Brothers and Waddingtons.

Players are 2-6 in some versions and 2-8  in other versions.


March 13

My Passion!

Welcome back to my Blog!

Today¬†I’ll be talking about my passion. My passion is art and drawing¬†because you use your imagination and your creative skills to put into an art piece, it’s always fun especially¬†when¬†you do it at school, it makes me feel relaxed and calm.My second favourite¬†Hobby¬†is singing. My favourite artist right now is 5SOS( 5 seconds of summer).When I grow up I have no clue what I could/want to be! ūüôā